1) Cry baby (chrome) 535Q (Rev. F = true bypass) 2) Modified DOD 250 (w/true bypass) 3) Whammy DT (w/true bypass) 4) Line 6 Relay G30 (digital wireless) Each and every one of these are truly awesome and then some. TC Electronics toneprint pedals: 1) Stereo Vortex Flanger 2) Stereo Corona Chorus 3) Stereo Flashback digital delay and looper 4) Stereo Hall of Fame digital reverb. All 4 TC pedals are true bypass (or buffer) by your own choice, and stereo in & out. By hooking up a USB cable from the pedal to the computer, toneprint settings can be downloaded from the TC website (corny stuff for kids) Finally but not least, the quality of these "Danish" made pedals are simply amazing and blows you away.. Boss: TU-3 Tuner and NS-2. The entire pedalboard are powered by a Voodoo lab Pedalpower2 plus which is mounted underneath. It powers all pedals 100 % separately and the handy courtesy AUX Outlet in the front powers the Whammy DT who uses 9v DC but 1300 mA current, unlike a typical digital stompbox who draws 100 mA at the most. And someone as little as 20 mA.